Do you have a family?  Do you have kids? Do you have friends?  Do you
have a pet?  Do you like to travel?  Have you been married?  Have you
been divorced?  Was someone just born?  Or did somebody pass away?
Have you gone through something medical?  Have you been through
some life experiences?  Are you looking for a memorable gift for the
person who has everything?  The questions go on and on.    
Why do I ask these questions??  They are all excellent reasons to have
an album made for you or your loved one. 

I have a passion for photos and memories.  And yes, I love to papercraft
as well.  Put them all together and what do you get?  A scrapbook
album full of love and memories. 

Perhaps you would like a chipboard album?  Maybe one page in a
frame?  Or a whole album (20 – 12×12 pages) done?  I can show you
some samples of my work, different styles and listen to what you
prefer.  Then I will get to work and make a page or album that will put
a smile on your face. 

I am truly looking forward to hearing from you.  Please feel free to
contact me so we can meet up and discuss your needs.  You can call at
613-595-1841 or email me (Tracy) at tracy@embellishedconnection.com

I thank you and am looking forward to hearing from you. 

Photos are incredibly memorable. 

You are incredibly valuable.